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Chris is the vocal coach's Vocal Coach with over 40 years experience, and the developer of the multi-million selling Vocal Coach line of training products.

Is It Possible to Get Too Much Breath?

The bottom line is this: You should only take the breath you need for the next phrase. Taking more breath than you need will leave you anxious and less efficient. It will limit your ability to be free and expressive in your singing. Real security comes from owning good technique, not over-filling on breath. And, with that security comes confidence and freedom.

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Vocal Coach for High School Homeschooler

I recently received this question from a homeschool family about using Vocal Coach as their high school music curriculum. Vocal Coach Products are in fact used in schools and many homeschoolers of all ages use our products for their musical teaching. If you are involved in teaching student music, read on to find out more …

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