Teaching Kids To Sing

Childrens, from pre-school through about age 12 need to be guided and protected as they how to use their voices. By building safe foundations in the early years a child can flow through adolescence, right into adulthood with minimal vocal issues.

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Vocal Coach for High School Homeschooler

I recently received this question from a homeschool family about using Vocal Coach as their high school music curriculum. Vocal Coach Products are in fact used in schools and many homeschoolers of all ages use our products for their musical teaching. If you are involved in teaching student music, read on to find out more …

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How Mentoring Can Be a Key Component of Vocal Education

As the new school year began, I shared my thoughts about teaching kids to sing. I know many of you are well underway in your lessons with students of many ages, and I wanted to share one of my recent experiences with you. I feel that we sometimes underestimate the importance of mentoring. Having a …

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Helping Young People Find Their Voice

How Can We Help Our Young People Find Their Voice?

Vocal training isn’t just for the musically inclined. It is for everyone who will ever communicate with their voice. A good foundation in knowing how the voice works gives us the tools and the confidence to use our voice with authority. So, whether your kids have to make a presentation or simply answer in class, a correct, practiced training of the voice will benefit them greatly.

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