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What Is The Lip-Trill or Bubble Exercise? & Dallas area, here we come.

THE LIP-TRILL MYSTERY SOLVED (with Audio Demonstration)!  Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding one of the most powerful vocal exercises any singer or speaker can do: THE LIP-TRILL, BUBBLE or MOTOR exercise. Before you listen to the audio link below prepare your mind with these thoughts: 1. The lip-trill is done naturally…

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VOCAL COACHING USING LONG OR SHORT DISTANCE LEARNING IS CONVENIENT, LESS EXPENSIVE AND REALLY GETS THE JOB DONE! What a fun time we live in when it comes to distance learning.  Some of our students travel half way across the country for one-on-one, in person coaching in our Brentwood TN studio.  Many, however, are traveling…

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Don't Forfeit Your Own Voice By Just Imitating Others!

Don’t Forfeit Your Own Voice By Just Imitating Others!

If you never take the time and effort to discover your own best vocal sound you may well forfeit, and be deprived of ever knowing your full vocal potential. Here are some thoughts and steps to help you keep growing and be your best.