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Interested in personal one-on-one vocal training to take your singing or speaking to the next level?

Improve your singing in no time with personal vocal lessons from well-known vocal coach Chris Beatty. Chris Beatty’s heart is to serve singers just like you and help them achieve their singing goals!

In-person Vocal Training with Chris Beatty

The most personal is to come to the Vocal Coach Voice Studio in Brentwood TN for daily, 2-hour sessions with Chris Beatty. Most students come for 3-5 days to get the most of their times, and Nashville is a relaxing area for some R&R. All sessions are personalized to meet your needs and are recorded on DVD for personal review at home.

You will also be observing your session on a video monitor to help accelerate the process and offer an added perspective. This is particularly helpful when dealing with breathing, posture and expression. Plus, follow-up advice is available through email to help you stay on track. Current pricing for one-on-one in the studio is $125 per hour.

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Online Vocal Training with Chris Beatty

If you can’t make to to our studio consider some Vocal Coach Online Coaching Sessions using your computer’s webcam and a telephone or computer microphone. This does require a good Internet connection. Current pricing is $89 per 45 minute session.

Need more detailed information on online training simply email Chris at and put “Training” in the subject.
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  5. I am one of those people who never doubt herself but want to improve in every way possible whenever she has the chance. Ok now, because I love singing I want to take my singing to the next level and work on more. As the saying goes Hard work beat talents. So I want to be that person. I don’t take good for an answer I take great for an answer and I want to keep it that way. So because I want to improve my singing vocal/teachnigues I look for answer and people who not only love singing but people who loves supporting us young ones to reach whatever goals we have in mind.

    1. Training singers is what we do. Our primary tools are our CD/MP3 series as well as one-on-one Online coaching using Skype or FaceTime.

      Please look over the VOCALCOACH.COM site, including the Vocal Coach Singer package and personal training. Coach Mark Williams is taking new students should you want person training and guidance. You can purchase a training session with Mark in the store or email him at if you have questions.

      For Vocal Coach,
      Chris Beatty

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