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  • Complete Breathing



    Learn principles of breathing and breath management with Vocal Coach’s Complete Breathing CD

  • Complete Diction


    Chris and Carole Beatty teach you how to make your words easily understood and still keep your style of choice in this educational vocal CD, Complete Diction…

  • Complete Expanding Your Range


    Discover your full vocal range with Vocal Coach’s Complete Expanding Your Range CD…

  • Complete Performance


    Overcome common performance pitfalls with Vocal Coach’s Complete Performance by Chris and Carole Beatty…

  • Complete Tone


    Find your best vocal sounds, experience tension-free singing, and overcome unwanted nasality and breathiness…

  • Complete Warm-Up


    Protect Your Voice by Learning How to Properly Warm-Up

    Does your voice tire? Is your singing inconsistent and unpredictable? Should you be able to sing higher, lower and longer than you do?

  • Daily Workout: High


    The Vocal Coach Daily Workout for High Voice from Chris & Carole Beatty includes 35 fun and challenging, orchestrated exercises…

  • Daily Workout: Med & Low


    The Vocal Coach Daily Workout for Medium and Low Voice CD includes 35 fun and challenging exercises…