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3 Priorities of A Worship Leader by Jamie Harvill

Comment from Vocal Coach Chris Beatty: My guest author for this blog is one worth hearing, in words and music .  Jamie Harvill is not only the author of Ancient of Days, Firm Foundation and many more popular worship songs.  He is a pastor and highly experienced worship leader, guitarist, singer and one of my…

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“Your Vocal Folds Are Completely Healthy”

Lots of Experience, but Poor Technique I recently had a new student who has been performing on stage and in the studio for many years.  Recently, she has experienced several occurrences of her voice just leaving, and not returning full strength for weeks.  The Ear, Nose and Throat doctor scoped her and announced, “You’re vocal…

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Don't Forfeit Your Own Voice By Just Imitating Others!

Don’t Forfeit Your Own Voice By Just Imitating Others!

If you never take the time and effort to discover your own best vocal sound you may well forfeit, and be deprived of ever knowing your full vocal potential. Here are some thoughts and steps to help you keep growing and be your best.